My brothers and sisters of 9/11 Truth & Justice. 
9/11 Truth Advocate, Mike Arnold.  Get a 911 TSHIRT! What is passive marketing?  Wearing a 9/11 T-Shirt is passive marketing and so are your 9/11 Awareness profile pictures if it's on Facebook or anywhere a profile picture can be created.  "Passive marketing is the marketing you do within your everyday activities and can be even more effective because it's personal."

Passive marketing can wake up the whole world about the truth that 9/11 was a false flag operation carried out by a small group of very powerful people.

"There was a a huge explosion in the sub level of WTC before the first plane hit but our government & the news media isn't telling us! Why?" - That was my answer to three people already who have asked me in public why I'm wearing a 9/11 tshirt. I then asked them to go to the website for more & all three wrote down the web address. Neighbor, girl at the condo office & teller at the drug store.
Want to write an episode of Tee Shirt Tales?  That would be really cool. You’re gonna need two shirts (or people will call you a ‘Stinky Hippie’).  I guarantee you will reach people and bring in new brothers and sisters to Faces of Truth.  Watch people’s eyes as they walk toward you; they’re reading it.  They might not say anything, but they got the message.

Make great gifts!  Awesome way to support our grassroots movement. 
Don’t have any money?  Just hint around to folks how much you would really like to have one of these shirts.  If it’s a guy, hinting won’t work…you’ll have to tell him explicitly, and probably go to the Facebook page to show him.  Just tryin’ to keep it real here.
So, do what you gotta do, and get that shirt (those shirts)!  Get a 9/11 Truth T-Shirt
THANK YOU, brothers and sisters!

Mike Arnold

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